Industrial Adhesives
GYSI MultiPurpose™ is specially designed for industrial assembly. It can bond almost all common materials, so widely used in a variety of products assembly and installation.Some of GYSI multipurpose adhesives with transparent color can bond metals directly and mutually bond different materials without leaving any bonding tracing. GYSI multipurpose adhesives are not only convenient to use, with a high bonding strength and a wide applications, but also environmental protection to make customers more ease to use.
  • Acrylics Adhesives and Cements

    GA is designed for bonding acr...

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  • MMA structural Adhesives

    GS is a low VOC, two-component...

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  • Polyolefin Structural Adhesives and Cements

    GP is designed for bonding pol...

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  • Vinyl Solvent Cements

    GV designed for the bonding of...

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  • ABS Solvent Cements

    GB is designed for the bondi...

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