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PVC 5125

Product Code PVC 5125
Color Gray
Viscosity Medium Bodied
Max VOC <510g/L(Low VOC)
Shelf Life 3 Years
Max Pipe Size 12"(300mm)
Package 946ml/473ml/237ml/118ml
Standard ASTM D-2564  QB/T2568-2002
Storage temp 40(5)-110(44

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PVC 5125 is suitable for SCH 80, SCH40, DIN with PVC pipe under 300mm diameter or medium size of PVC sheet. It is ideal for domestic & industrial and chemical PVC piping system, including membrane, drinking water, water treatment, municipal government drink & waste, irrigation, ventilation industrial and chemical piping system.
*MAX 20"(500mm) for low-or-none pressure piping system.

Cap Daubers
·Cap dauber for smooth, full application of cements and 
  primers, fit quart, pint, 1/2pint and 1/4pint cans.
Diameter of cap dauber


Length of handle70mm/80mm/95mm/115mm

Adjustable Daubers
·Fully adjustable, telescopic stem to fit quart, pint,  1/2pint  and 1/4pint cans.
·Easy grip, ribbed handle allows better dauber control.
·The cap fits tightly into the can to seal and prevent 
  solvent loss or spills.
Diameter of dauber


Length of handle6cm-10cm

· For pipe of larger diameter, fits gallon can and cements 
  & primers available in wide mouth cans.
Length of dauber9cm/15cm/20cm
Diameter of dauber2.7cm