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Product Code GA108
Color Clear
Viscosity 1000
Specific Gravity1.08
Shelf Life 2 Years
Package 473ml/1 Gal

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Bond strength table 1bs/in2(kg/cm2
  24 hours 1 week
Acrylic 1600(112.6) 2000 (140.8)
PC 1000 (70.4) 1600 (112.6)
PS 800 ( 56.3) 1600 (112.6)
Sample thickness:0.25 in (0.64cm) Bonding area:1.0 in2(6.45cm2)
Working Time(working temperature:25℃/75℉)
Working Time Set Time Time to reach 80% strength
2 to 3 min 10 min 24 hours


GA108 is a one-component adhesive with high transparency and high bonding strength. It is specially designed in Acrylics, Styrene, CAB, Butyrate, PC, ABS and other thermoplastics. It is widely used in the acrylic billboard, showcase, artware, lens, models and other products of the mentioned materials above.

Cap Daubers
·Cap dauber for smooth, full application of cements and 
  primers, fit quart, pint, 1/2pint and 1/4pint cans.
Diameter of cap dauber


Length of handle70mm/80mm/95mm/115mm

Adjustable Daubers
·Fully adjustable, telescopic stem to fit quart, pint,  1/2pint  and 1/4pint cans.
·Easy grip, ribbed handle allows better dauber control.
·The cap fits tightly into the can to seal and prevent 
  solvent loss or spills.
Diameter of dauber


Length of handle6cm-10cm

· For pipe of larger diameter, fits gallon can and cements 
  & primers available in wide mouth cans.
Length of dauber9cm/15cm/20cm
Diameter of dauber2.7cm
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