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Product CodeGA375
Specific Gravity1.05
Shelf Life1 Year

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Bond strength table 1bs/in2(kg/cm2
 24 hours1 week
Acrylic2220(155.0)3600 (253.5)
PC1200(84.5)2000 (140.8)
Sample thickness:0.25 in (0.64cm) Bonding area:1.0 in2(6.45cm2)
Working Time(working temperature:25℃/75℉)
Working TimeSet TimeTime to reach 80% strength
60 min150 min72 hours


GA375 is a two-components (20:1) reactive acryluc adhesive with longer reaction time and higher transparency. It is designed for bonding acrylic plastics. This product is multifunctional, can be used in many fields, such as logo, the repair and production of fish tank, the museum display boxes and other plastics production.

Manual Dispensing Guns

For use with 50ml(10:1) cartridgeFor use with 50ml(4:1) cartridge

For use with 400ml or with 490ml cartridgeFor use with 400ml(1:1) cartridge
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