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Product Code GA373
Color Clear
Viscosity 2000
Specific Gravity1.05
Shelf Life 1 Year
Package 50ml/490ml

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Bond strength table 1bs/in2(kg/cm2
  24 hours 1 week
Acrylic 2220(155.0) 3600 (253.5)
PC 1200(84.5) 2000 (140.8)
Sample thickness:0.25 in (0.64cm) Bonding area:1.0 in2(6.45cm2)
Working Time(working temperature:25℃/75℉)
Working Time Set Time Time to reach 80% strength
20 min 30 to 40 min 72 hours


GA373 is a two-components (10:1) adhesive with high bonding strength and excellent resistance to weather aging. It is specially designed for bonding casted, extruded acrylic, PC, PVC, ABS, PETG and other materials. It is widely used in aquarium, advertising logo, showcase and other industries of the mentioned materials.

Manual Dispensing Guns

For use with 50ml(10:1) cartridgeFor use with 50ml(4:1) cartridge

For use with 400ml or with 490ml cartridgeFor use with 400ml(1:1) cartridge
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